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Project Survey

The integration of human resources and market in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Chinese Mainland has increasingly become an inevitable trend. Meanwhile, advantages as enjoyed by service and hi-tech manufacturing industries in Taiwan are confronted with both challenges and opportunities brought by rapid growth in the Chinese market. In particular, many global manufacturers in Taiwan have been intensively integrated with supply chains in U.S.A, China and Hong Kong.

To follow the trend for the integration of a hi-tech network in Taiwan and Chinese Mainland, EMBA of Tongji University and the College of Management of National Sun Yat-sen University have jointly launched the EMBA Cooperation Project. This aims to satisfy increasing demands of senior business managers in Chinese Mainland and Taiwan for advanced study, the development of managerial personnel and tutorials for manufacturers, and ensure the performance of the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement is substantial.

Tongji University is one of the leading universities directly under the Ministry of Education of China, which is among the first group of universities in the “Project 211 and “Project 985”. It is also one of the first group of universities established in the Republic of China Era and one of the modern comprehensive universities in a real sense. Tongji University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and East China Normal University are jointly known as the “Top 4 Universities” in Shanghai. National Sun Yat-sen University is the third highest education institution as well as a member of the University System of Formosa in Taiwan. It is 500th in the world, 70th in Asia, 23rd position in Taiwan, Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong and 8th position in Taiwan in terms of its comprehensive strength.

EMBA of Tongji University comes 3rd among leading EMBA in China in terms of its comprehensive ranking, which has been honored as “The EMBA Project of the Most Unique Features and High Development Potential in China”. National Sun Yat-sen University is the first university qualified through AACSB certification and recognised in Taiwan. It comes in 53rd among 2010 Global EMBA Courses as listed by the Financial Times..

The EMBA Project, as jointly launched by Tongji University and National Sun Yat-sen University plays an important role in academic exchanges between Chinese Mainland and Taiwan, which is expected to incorporate business practices in the Asia-Pacific region into the course, and provide professional management knowledge and practice as required by economic development in Chinese Mainland and Taiwan.

Course Features
  • 2/3 and 1/3 lectures will be given from Thursday to Sunday on a monthly basis in Chinese Mainland and Taiwan respectively.
  • Encourage enterprises in Chinese Mainland and Taiwan to understand the value of knowledge, and establish an extensive advanced interaction network.
  • Establish a cross-straight interaction platform to share opportunities for economic and trade cooperation.
  • Enhance communication through mobilized learning, share information resources, and accomplish further achievements
  • Consolidate advantages over economic knowledge through mutual integration.


2/3 and 1/3 lectures for undergraduate and college classes will be given in Chinese Mainland and Taiwan respectively.

1st Year
2nd Year
Strategic Marketing Management Theories on Market Economy and Practice Business Operation Strategies Analysis of Trading Environment in Asia-Pacific Region
Administration Accounting and Statement Analysis Business English and Communications Global Operation Management Innovation and Entrepreneurial Management
Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics Discussions on Individual Business Cases Science of Organizational Behavior Advanced Business Study
Advanced Financial Management Business Law and Public Affairs Information Technology and Competitive Advantages Master Dissertation
Leadership Science Managerial Economics HR Management  
Study theories and practical operations >> Exploit resources, and expand network >> Take lead in accomplishing great achievements>>